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Fantastic little piece of interactive art disguised as walking simulator. The world has come together to fight a giant evil destroying the world and you are experiencing those very decisive moments. Its not deep or challenging, but its immensely evocative with its multiple endings you can explore, depending on what you do/who you talk to, it has a fantastic lofi art style that basically felt like walking into an adventure game from the 90s, which fit the mood perfectly and the game has enough sub systems to keep you second guessing yourself, while things progress in a way that I dont want to spoil here. Marvellous little atmospheric game. 4/5

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Hey! I played this on steam, got almost all of the endings, and I keep wanting to play it again. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate that you put it out there. Thanks!


Thank you for playing!


Insanely good game. The atmosphere and the mysterious story is incredibly well done and haunting.

I may need a little help to find the last ending though (the 5th I think), already found 4 of them.

I greatly recommend! Nice work!


Thank you!

If you need some hint for the fifth ending maybe this tweet can point you in the right direction:


Disquieting little story with creepy, unsettlingly pretty bio-landscapes. I have lots of questions as the game throws you straight into a world that hints at many already established narratives (which the characters know about and you have to guess) and it's all the stronger for it. Recommended!


Glad you liked it, thank you!

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A really strange game with eerie visuals, kudos to you man what a odd sci-fi story. I've only done one quick playthrough and everything from the visuals, music, and dialogue leave me with so many thought provoking questions. I mean the writing and pacing is just SO good. I'll be looking forward to whatever you're doing next. 


Thank you! :D

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If everyone's gone, what do I do?

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Sorry, you have to return to your boat and leave in order to reset your save.

EDIT: Also use your radio and try to ask for their location if you haven't already, just to make sure they really have gone and aren't just somewhere you haven't seen.

Is this game still receiving updates? I have a few problems to report:

  • "commited" is misspelled in the opening monologue.
  • I also tried going back to sleep as my first action, and then I couldn't see my mouse at the main menu so I had to quit the game.
  • Then when I restarted it, I assume that I died or something so I had to start a new game but the opening cutscene is so long yet I couldn't find any way to skip it.

Thanks for your feedback! To skip any cutscene you can press K. Remember you have the full list of controls in the options/pause menu.

Oops, I see it now; should've read through the whole list!


Very cool game, each of the 4 main endings left me feeling haunted in entirely different and interesting ways, and the 5th ending was very satisfying to figure out. Each character's writing was also delightful!

Wow you completed all the endings!? Someone liking this game enough to do it means so much to me, thank you very much!

A very engrossing little game. I adored the strange atmospheric environments and it left me thinking on if the choice I made was correct in the end.

Almost gave me a David Lynch vibe, definitely would recommend - a hidden gem!
( Try to get this on Steam if you can! It might give you more word of mouth )

Thank you for playing! I do have plans to release it on Steam at some point once I sell enough copies to pay for the additional development costs. Hopefully soon!

I absolutely adored this! Thank you so much for making this!

Thanks! Really glad you liked it :)