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A giant cathedral of flesh has appeared in the middle of the ocean on a dying world. A small group of scientists are secretly investigating it when a mysterious woman appears, facing an impossible task.

Stars Die is a non-linear, sci-fi mystery game with branching dialogues.


  • Completely non-linear story. Have long debates with people or ignore them the entire game.
  • Five parallel, but interconnected story lines, each with its own completely separate ending.
  • The player isn't at the center of the narrative. Each character has their own agenda and they will try to act accordingly in real time, with or without you.
  • You can take your time to explore the environments freely, but you might miss events and conversations if you take too long. 
  • The choices aren't about moral dilemmas, but ideological ones. It's all about your personal perspective on the events and what you believe in.
  • Dark industrial soundtrack by composer Connor ORT Linning.


  • Added save system. Save anywhere you want and resume it later so you can play in shorter sessions.
  • Added controller support. For those looking for the comfiest way to play. Options and main menu still require mouse input. It was tested with Xbox One and Steam Controller so others like DualShock4 may not work correctly, sorry.
  • A radio so you can ask characters about their current location. Mostly an accessibility option to help players not get lost.
  • Tons of tweaks and polishes to the writing.

Additional Notes: 

-Five bucks for a weird one hour long game is sadly not something everybody can afford, so if you can't (or for whatever reason don't want to) pay for it, you can also download it for free from my Google Drive. Why not just release it for free with an optional payment then? Because a ton of time and work was put into this game and I think the final product deserves to be sold as such. I feel putting it for free by default would devalue all of that work but at the same time I acknowledge that not everyone has the money to pay for games, even cheap ones like these. Take it as a demo if you will, play it, if you like it, buy it whenever you're able to, so I can in return also afford to support other developers (and buy food too!).

-Due to events happening in real time, non-linearity and constant choices, there's a huge amount of variables in the game, so bugs are likely. If you find any (including typos, I'm not a native speaker so there will be plenty of those) or just want to give feedback, please do not hesitate to let me know either in the comments below, with an email at eric.juvi@gmail.com or in my twitter @YorkeEGJ


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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