Stars Die 1.2 and Steam release

Later this year the biggest and final major update for Stars Die will release, alongside its Steam version. Of course, those that buy or have already bought the game at any point through will get a free Steam key as well when the time comes. Thanks to all of you who  purchased the game and allowed me to continue supporting it.

Here's the compact patch notes for what's coming:

  • Expanded and improved story.
  • Added optional "Chill Mode": Play without any time limitation
  • Added new Secret Ending
  • Added more graphic options like toggling Screen Pixelation effect or FOV Slider
  • Improved Save System
  • Tons of bug fixes and polish (still kinda janky ngl)

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Hello, I'm trying to locate the promised Steam key from the "1.2 update". Is it hidden in the game files or is it a request thing?

I purchased Stars Die through the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality.


Hi, purchases through the bundle don't include a Steam key. It's not up to me, it's and thing, sorry.

From the Bundle page:

"Please note: No Steam (or other external keys) will be given for bundle purchases. Only direct downloads will be available on the page."

Ah, okay.

Thanks for the response.